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January 9, 2010
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Zektbach Storys and History

Epic of Zektbach Prologue

Once upon a time, there lived eight different races. There existed a mystical gem dubbed the Ristaccia, excavated from a ruin, which grants any bearer self-awareness and great magical powers. For a long time, the eight races lived together peacefully.They broke the Ristaccia ruby into eight shards. Every race held a piece of the Ristaccia, offered prayers to it and asked for protection - and the Ristaccia, in turn, continued to bring them many blessings and miracles.

But this peace did not last for eternity. The eight races created grudges against one another, and finally, a war among the eight races broke out.
They inserted the eight shards of Ristaccia into weapons to fight each other.

The mystical shards of Ristaccia merely became tools of destruction.

By the end of the long war, the great magical power of Ristaccia completely extinguished six of the eight races inhabiting the planet, and the whole of mankind almost ceased to be. In the aftermath, despite losing many to the war, two races still existed.

The Humina race, knowing the great power of Ristaccia, knelt before it and offered their prayers, just like before. They asked for the prosperity of the race and the flourishing of the planet. After a long time, a religious culture centralizing around Ristaccia was formed.The symbol of the religion is the holy sword Trisagion.

On the other hand, there was the most intelligent race in the world, the Rufina race in pursuit for eternal life. They had created a memeplex named Sigma
and sealed themselves off from the rest of the world. Sigma slept deeply under the Olivie Ruins  for a long time.

With that, only the Humina race remained. After another long period of peace, momentum is building up for an uprising. A force more influential then Trisagion, is the kingdom of Noigllado which the holy sword lies.

Was born in Amuss, a city to the south of Isfaphan. Her father is Shaldile, the commander in chief of the kingdom army. Her mother is Khukuri, a world-class famous dancer. Born into such an outstanding family, Shamshir mastered both swordsmanship and dancing. Moreso, she really had some natural talent for both fields. She combined her father's swordsmanship with her mother's dance, and created her unique "Battle Dance", a beautiful and deadly skill that made her nearly invincible in close combat. And even moreso, she is a skilled archer too. That is to say, she is an all-around talented warrior. The whole continent was deeply impressed by her superior strength and her gorgeous battle dance. The heroin who saved her motherland - The Kindom Of Azuelgatt from the invading of Noigallado, using her Ristaccia forged shamshir - Colada D'el Cid. After the war, the king was frightened by her power and wanted her expelled. Later, she was arrested while performing battle dance for citizens. At that time, the piece of Ristaccia began to flash brightly and then, Shamshir killed all the people there in a flash. Several days later, the kingdom was doomed, and Shamshir became a marionette of Ristaccia.

Title:The Trascender


A talented mathematician who became enlightened by Sigma. He felt the existence of Sigma when he was working at a puzzle concerning prime numbers. When he was taking his Journey in the fantasy world of numbers, he found a shorter way to solve the puzzle. He named the way "The Lane Of Zeta." Then he met Sigma in the lane. Sigma  threw seven of the world's hardest puzzles to Lien to test his talent and Lien solved all of them. At that time, he had his idea straightened out and began to know the ultimate truth of the world and. With Sigma's guidance, he got himself "evoluted." After that, he "created" a pair of twins to keep the evoluted gene passing down and then, he went to the ruins in order to find out the true nature of Ristaccia. But unfortunately, he was killed by Shamshir in the ruins. Lien was born in Ridenbourg, The Academic City. His father was a famous archaeologist who became a prisoner and had to abandon Lien because his mother died when he was young. Because of this, Lien was raised in the Royal Library by officials. Lien grew up a mathematical prodigy and one day, found a note left by his father telling him to go the Olvie Ruins where he discovered Sigma.

Title:The Last Twins

A 14-years-old, right-hander, the "positive" one of the twins, the wielder of The Sword Of Hope - Trisagion. Though she had became the empress of Noigllado for having the ability to wield Trisagion, it's still too young for her to have enough authoritativeness that few ministers and knights swore their oaths of allegiance to her.

She grew up in the palace, the fabulous life made her heart full of love. She did not even know how to hate another one. When she was taught that she had a brother who was abandoned few years ago and he's still alive, she instantly began to pray for him and tried to find him. Though she could feel Nox's hatred from her Ristaccia piece inserted necklace (I believed that Matin had at least three pieces of Ristaccia), she still loved Nox and wanted to save him from hatred. But this does not mean that she is a weak girl. Her heart is adamant enough, and she had a strong sense of justice. She could do anything if it is for her country and her people, even that means to sacrifice herself or to kill her loved one. To uphold her justice, in the end, she put on her customized armor (which had one piece of Ristaccia inserted), and wielded the sword of Trisagion, to fight her loving brother.
A 14-year-old, left-hander, the "negative" one of the twins, the wielder of The Sword Of Despair - Tyrfing. He was supposed to be a prince, but had been abandoned for having the ability to wield another Ristaccia piece inserted sword - Tyrfing. Matin and Nox are one pair of perfect symmetric, and so does the two swords too. To avoid the possible conflict between the positive one and the negative one, Nox must be abandoned.

But the royal sword instructor Adhuc did not want that to happen because he was such a kind man who had already adopted two orphans. He took Nox and the sword of Tyrfing away, escaped from the palace, and then, Nox became the third child adopted by Adhuc. He grew up in countryside, led a poor life with Adhuc and the other two children. Adhuc taught his swordmanship to Nox. With his talent, Nox became an outstanding swordman. Knowing Nox is a Prince, Adhuc tried his best to economize the use of money to buy some gorgeous suits for Nox, for that, though he lead a tough life, Nox never looked shabby, but always as beautiful as his sister.The Holy Kingdom Of Noigllado was the largest country on the continent, the dominators were always eager to expand their own sphere of influence further.This made both the people of Noigllado and other countries resentful. Finally, the Anti-Noigllado Alliance was founded. Unfortunately, Nox had a strong sense of justice too. He wanted to fight against the Holy Kingdom in order to save the poor people, so he joined the Alliance. Later, he was taught his antecedent. He felt happy for owning an outstanding sister at first (he kept his braid to show his respect to Matin), but finally, with the implacable resentment, his heart became full of hatred and the hatred was amplified day by day under the influence of the piece of Ristaccia inserted in Tyrfing.Nox also had a stepsister called Aime whom he loved as a mother, but unfortunately, Aime died in the war. This allowed heart to be fully occupied by Ristaccia.The Alliance hailed Nox as their leader, but Nox had no interest in taking his country back; he just hated Matin and wanted to kill her.

Title:Saint Who Hunts Sin


A 16 years old girl, was born to her mother, a virgin whom she lost soon after she was born. But she led a happy life. Everyone called her "The Holy Daughter," loved her and respected her very much. Her heart was always full of gratitude. She thanked The God Of Lourdes for giving them a happy life and offered prayer to Lourdes everyday.But a day came Hannes kept having stange nightmares. But one day, there seemed to be something wrong with their happy life. Everyone looked so nervous.Hannes was confused about that.Then she saw an old woman squatted beside the lane, crying. She soon walked up to the old woman and asked what happened.The old woman's sound was so weak that Hannes couldn't hear it clearly. But she heard that the old woman mentioned something about The Spring Of Lourdes.She comforted the old woman by praying for her.Then, she stood up, began to run to The Spring Of Lourdes to see what really happened.And a black sword there in the middle. (had a Ristaccia piece inserted into it)When Hannes saw that The Spring Of Lourdes was dry she went into a shock but then  the stange dream went thought her hand again then a voice spoak to her and told her that the people have been sinning and to kill all of them.She took the black sword with her and was about to kill a person but she remebered all the times in her life with them.But then her eyes turned red and she raised the sword and turned the island into a raging inferno.


A 15 year-old and genderless,Malchut was created on the island Turii and along withthe other Star People.Turii had a purpose to keep the world in balance since the Ristaccia War damaged the world and Turii helped it recover (Turii  kept 'mutation' out  and its people have no knowlage of the world the Ristaccia or any other;they just live quietly and peacefully)Turii has 10 Star People to keep the balance going and they mark their age on their bodys'.So the oldest one (age 15) has to return to nature (die)and the call the cermoney Turii -Panta Rhei-.Malchut who realized she had to return to nature so the other Star people danced around her has she slowly and quietly went into the water.But, out of youthful exuberance, Kukaru, who had been observing the ceremony, interrupted the ceremony. He belonged to an agency, Sazaragi, that was responsible for exploring distant lands and their heritage. In his sense of justice, Kukaru rescued Malchut from drowning, much to his relief and her shock. Because of his interference, the harmonious circulating flow of Turii had been interrupted and chaos would soon begin. Malchut was then taken away to Mashinowa, leaving the other nine star people behind on the island, causing disorder. This break in the ring of harmony caused the disruption of causality between the stars and the planet. Malchut gradually awakened to the disruption of the natural balance of the planet. She realized that the disruption was now present and that she now did not have the power to eliminate it.
This is for the people who keep asking for the story and
the char. background of Zektbach.So here it is~!

Epic of Zektbach-[link]
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sa0ri-chan Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2013
Hi there! I'm really curious where these stories are found? Are they merely inferred from the Zektbach albums...? Or do the albums actually come with a booklet that goes really in-depth on them? The world of Zektbach is so interesting and pretty xD
vaati102 Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hello there! :D These stories are from the official website and books, then translated by people from the now deleted forums. Zektbach is very interesting! Recently the series has ended. :(
Dee-Dark Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Are the stories complete?
vaati102 Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
If you're talking about this post: yes these are the full chapters that was out at the time. New and final chapters was released recently.
Dee-Dark Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Alrighty then. :3
Starfruity2009 Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2012  Student Digital Artist
soo, lien created nox and matin?...
vaati102 Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yes. I still don't know (probably other fans too) exactly how.
Starfruity2009 Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2012  Student Digital Artist
ah, thank you anyways, that question was bugging me :)
chertel Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2012
ok so i heard that the guy in the masinowa video(forget his name. snake spirit guy) killed malchut but like when does that even happen O____o
or does it even happen? @_@
vaati102 Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Gijiri you mean. No,according to the Masinowa Drama CD Malchut was a disease for Gijiri and Kukaru (orange hair guy) thus they were slowly dying. Gijiri knew of this so he decided to kill her but Kukaru played hero and died. That's how Malchut gained emotions and destroyed Masinowa with her tree powers (I think she went asleep for 6000 years?)
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